Tickets and Gadgets

Looking for festival gadgets such as festival cups or t-shirts? Check our crowdfunding page:

Crowdfunding Festival

Ticket types:

  • Balls only – all 3 balls (suggested 200 PLN, reduced 180 PLN)
  • One bal – the evening ball on selected day (suggested 80 PLN, reduced 70 PLN)
  • Workshop – ticket for selected workshop (price in range 45-70 PLN)

Tickets are available at Festival is an open price model festival, that means that:

Every ticket has suggested price, if for any reason you cannot afford the suggested price you can choose to pay the reduced price. We will not ask for reason, nor any documents about it. If you come from a rich region, or have just a good luck in your life recently you are more than welcome to pay more than suggested fee. Map of average earnings in Europe is here: Wikipedia – list of European Countries by average wage It might be helpful to recalculate the ticket price. All our prices are in Polish Złoty, also known as “zł” or “PLN”. You can check your current currency to PLN conversion rate with your bank, it usually is around 0,26 EUR per 1 PLN.

Please do not hesitate to send any questions to:

See you on the dancefloor!