Workshops take place in Family Dance studio at Więckowskiego 16.
Exception: „Connection in progress…” with Magdalena Dąbrowska will be in Main Venue at Piotrkowska 282a.
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Friday 19:00-20:00 Crew
Express Balfolk introduction 

Beginner Workshops!
Lead by crew which is in that case Małgorzata Ciećko, Joanna Kuran and Maciej Sowilski. Express 1-hour workshop open and free for everyone.

Level: I have two legs and I’m not afraid to use them.

Saturday 11:00-12:45
Marc Meijerink & Leo Visser
Advancing your Bourrée 2 temps

Saturday 13:00-14:45
Mikuláš Bryan
Pulse, Pendulum & Polyrhythms, couple dances workshop through balfolk and blues

We will set our chest and hips free. And then try persuade them to do different things in different rhythms. At the end we will be dancing scottish, our feet will be stompig rumba beat, our hips will roll with it and our chest will be pulsing in a steady tresillo rhythm. Oh, and our heads will explode.

Level: You have to know how to lead, or follow, or both.

Saturday 15:15-17:15
Magdalena Dąbrowska
„Connection in progress…” – couple dance workshops

„Connection in progress…” – couple dance workshops with Magdalena Dąbrowska
Because a dance must be a moment of sharing, because the transmission of emotion is not necessarily an easy thing, and because the game in the dance only appears when both partners participate, we will suggest exercises and tools for “couple dancing ” to become “dancing together”.

We will work on three aspects of dance, and do:
-set up clear and free guidance
-develop a light and responsive reacting to impulses
-establish a rich connection on dance and emotional level
Duringn the workshop you can expect physical training and many exercises from acting training.

Level: for all dancers who know basics of couple dances like Mazurka, Scottish, Valse.

Saturday 11:00-14:00 Crew
Balfolk for beginners

Sunday 11:00-12:45
Po Staremu
“How is it in Polish?” – Polish Dance Workshops 

During this workshops you will have an opportunity to dance the traditional Polish dances: mazurek, oberek, polonez, kujawiak and more. The dances will be taught from the scratch, you will also have time to experiment with the differences between Balfolk and “the Polish way”.
Those workshops are great preparation for Sunday concert of Kożuch!

Workshop led by members of “Po staremu” Foundation, co-organizers of Festival, and organizers of the regular Polish balls in Łódź,. Their work is important for the preservation of the polish dance culture in the region.

Level: From the bottom of the floor.

Sunday 13:00-14:45
Leo Visser
Variations in Breton Dances

Leo Visser and Breton-Chain Dances were love at first sight.
During this workshop we’ll start with the Hanter-dro and An-dro and see which roles the dancers can have while being in the chain. We’ll look at which persons are the leaders and which ones are the followers and what can be done in these roles. Then we will look at how communication works throughout the whole chain and which types of communication we can utilize. Finally, we’ll introduce variation into these dances and see how they work now we’ve established the basic principles of leading and following in dances in chains.

Level: you have to know the basic Breton dances before this workshops