Q: aaaaaaaargh the checkout is in Polish!
A: the quick guide to Crowdfund in Polish is below

Q: How much I shall contribute?
A: any amount is a great help for us

Q: That size the t-shirts are?
A: The table with sizes will be published soon, we will make sure everyone gets the right size, and we will have few spare ones in case something gets wrong

Q: what if I participate in crowdfunding and then be late to buying the tickets and end up not be able to come to the festival?
A: all the crowdfunders from “Stingray” level and up will recieve an early sale link for the festival tickets 2 days before the regular sales.

Q: I have a question that is not listed…
A: Contact us by facebook page or via e-mail:



A Festival Crowdfunding guide

1. Go to
2. Pick your rewards
3. The system would ask you to create an account:


























4. You will recieve an e-mail with confirmation of account creation. Click the link, proceed to fill your data page.


5. Pick the left payment form

6. Pick SEPA bank transfer

7. From the next site note down the amount and the title of your payment. You can copy / paste the rest of the details from the next page of the guide:


et voila!