Pascale Rubens and Toon Van Mierlo present a delicious feast of beautiful music for your dancing and listening pleasure. Naragonia’s music ranges from intimate and delicate to voluptuous and passionate and is pervaded by a timeless and steady energy. Naragonia was formed in 2003 at the Andanças Festival in Portugal and have recorded since then 6 albums . They have played all over Europe and it is their third time in Poland. You won’t want to miss a single note!

Wim te Groen

About himself he said:
„I first have started playing piano when I was 8 years old, I didn’t like it that much so I stopped. When I was 15 we had a grand piano in our living room and I started playing in secret, the more I played the more it become an obsession.
I first met balfolk 10 years ago and that connection between music and dance made me love it from the first step. New rythms, inspiration and amazing creative freedom led to composing my own balfolk tunes.”

in 2016 Wim played his first ball outside Netherlands. It was during a Balfolk Saturday, the event organised by in Warsaw. We are glad and happy that he is coming to play in Poland once more.


Balonique is a band with a big repertoire of widely understood balfolk music. The band’s set list consists French, Breton, Portugal, Scandinavian and Polish traditional dance tunes of original arrangements. While Poznań is their current place of residence, they do travel a lot, all over the country. The’ve been performing on events such like “Warsaw Folk Lore Festival”, various Poznań balfolk events, and also for Wrobal Wroclaw community. The group formed after a numerous informal and spontaneous gigs and dance parties under the Bal folk Poznan banner.
Known for her participation in Gwerenn band, Julia Sielicka is a versatile flute and tin whistle player of multicultural ethno and jazz inspirations;
Miron Stieler – a classicaly taught, nonetheless an untamed traditional music lover, an experienced fiddler-multiinstrumentalist, arranger, teacher and the band’s leader;
Jakub Szczygieł – an Irish flute player and a fiddle backer, also known from Strays Irish trad band and Celtic Tree song-and-tune group, one of the world-recognised duet family tin whistle-making workshop Goldfinch Whistles;
Michał Zajączkowski – a creative guitarist and an active Irish trad session music propagator of Poznan, also known as the guitar backer of Irish trad band Strays.

Mr. Folxlide

Ball style blues, or ball taken slowly, Roots Euroamericana, magical sound of three strings and a cigar box, sometimes heard in a loop… in a loop… in a loop… in a loop

Bal lab

Podbili serca publiczności na festiwalu w Będzinie kilka lat temu, teraz przyszła kolej na nasze. Akustyczne trio, grające łagodną muzykę inspirowaną tradycjami Francji. W laboratorium łączą się tradycyjne piosenki i własne kompozycje, folk ze szczyptą jazzu i odrobiną nowoczesności.

Kieren Alexander: akordeon

Mikuláš Bryan: cytra, stompbox, śpiew
Jitka Malczyk: skrzypce.


Kożuch was formed in 2011. The band plays traditional music from the heart of Poland. The regions around Łódź contain plethora of different repertoires waiting to be discovered by ambitious musicians. Most of the music they play come from their masters – a fiddler Tadeusz Kubiak and a harmonist Sławomir Czekalski. Learning from the original countryside musicians they put attention to the smallest details, they supplement the knowledge with archival recordings and with all respect to tradition, they add their own sensitivity, spontaneity and energy.
The band has a significant role in folk music. They influenced the most most of the elements forming current state of polish folk music. They cooperate with “All Mazurkas of The World” the biggest polish folk festival. They were awarded the second place at the “Old Tradition 2012” showreel. The same year got them the most prestigious award at 46. Festival for Traditional Musicians and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny. They played concerts at big festivals as “The Colors of Poland”, “KODY”, or “Rozstaje”. In 2016 they won a Grand Prix of The New Tradition festival. They were also invited abroad to play abroad in Estonia, Czech Republic and Russia. In 2017 they also played during Numinosum Festival.

Duo Filippo Gambetta and Emilyn Stam

Intercontinental Canadian-Italian Balfolk Duo will take you to the musical journey sweet as Italian coffee with maple syrup. Emilyn, whom you might know from her various projects including the quartet Té, playing piano and violin, introducing a bit of tenderness to balfolk world ruled by diatonic accordion, proudly represented and in this case refueled with Italian energy by Filippo.

Project is active for two years now, throughout this time Emilyn and Filippo have toured both Europe and Canada, last time you could hear them on the main stage of CaDansa Balfolk Festival in 2017.


Young trio bringing new energy to our stage: Pavel Souvandjiev (Les Bottines Artistiques), Adriaan Van Wonterghem (Boreas) and Davy Cautaerts will bring us the explosive mix of balfolk, Irish and Slavic folk. There are many words to be written, but you just have to listen to them… and see 🙃.

Pavel Souvandjiev – Violin
Adriaan Van Wonterghem – Guitar
Davy Cautaerts – Mandola and irish whistle

Tribal Jâze

Three musicians, able to move the crowd both on the street and on the stage. Bariton saxophone, tambourine and diatonic accordion are all they need to turn the room into the whirlwind of dance. A connection between balfolk, free-jazz and rock and roll energy, traditional sound of ball and the etherical notes of today. The musicians bring to the balfolk not only a new energy but also new dances, which they teach during their show.

Marc Buvry – Baritone Saxophone
Cédric Hergault – Jâze Tambourine
Flavien Di-Cintio – Diatonic Accordion