Musicians, storytellers, singers, dancers who have long chosen to knead, knead, knead, refine… the traditional song of the Vendée to make it say what it has to say and to make it hear what it says. Let their music speak for themselves!

Balzinga is the first balfolk group formed in Poland in 2012. Through the years the band established a repertoire consisting of well known balfolk ‘mustbe’ dances with a special and soft spot for Breton culture. They can also offer something to the fans of Swedish and Portuguese dances. With Balzinga you’ll find a combination of traditional tunes and original compositions all spiced up with groovy and energetic arrangements that will keep you dancing!

The group consists:

  • Adam Sznabel – uilleann pipes
  • Krzysztof Rogulski – chromatic accordion
  • Patryk Hołoga – cajon, bodhran
  • Artur Frydrych – guitar, bouzouki

Marthe Tourret and Elisa Trebouville will play for you on festival’s Saturday. Bourrasque is an energetic traditional duo from Toulouse, France. Spacious notes of violin and energy of Banjo in background of two marvellous voices!

Photo: Pierre Campistron photographie

Breton music band. Dialogue of flute, saxophone with the pulse of drums and guitar is in between celtic, french, jazz and World Music.

Gwerennʼs music emerged from the fascination over the breton culture, in which music is present in life of every city and village, creating a bond between generations.

Gwerenn played on the biggest celtic and folk festivals in Poland, such as “Zamek” festival in Będzin, “Celtycki Gotyk” in Toruń and “Oskar Kolbergʼs Folk Lore Festival” in Warsaw.

Gwerenn is:

Julia Sielicka – Flute, whistles

Wojciech Braszak – tenor and soprano saxophones

Tomasz Biela – acoustic and electric guitars

Adam Sławiński – bass guitar

Patryk Hołoga – bodhrán, cajón, bongos, darabuka, djembe, percussions

Hot mix of italian temperament, tenderness of irish harp and rythym of the mandola became well known to polish dancers during the first edition of Festival. Do you remember how much fun was it? During those two years Stefano Baldan and Adriano Sangineto have released a CD and I can tell you in secret that they promised us some new tunes that are arranged for the upcoming second CD of Kesako.

Sound of strings, produced in variety of ways, melodicity of the harp, rhythm of guitar, tenderness of a flute; unique tones of medical salterio over the modern arrangements of balfolk music; Italian energy two CDs and thousands of hours on the dance floors of the world…

Lyradanz is:

  • Adriano Sangineto (celtic harp)
  • Caterina Sangineto (salterio ad arco, bodhran, flute)
  • Jacopo Ventura (guitar, bouzouki)

Great mix of experienced musicians, intriguing characters, instruments from different European music cultures – Sprinkle Blizzard is a spontaneous and original balfolk music band, born out of their love for music, straight from folky dance halls of Europe. Sprinkle music is dance music: traditional melodies and band’s own compositions. It is a genuine mixture of foot-tapping energy, improvisation, honest intimacy, sparkling humour, minimalism and richness of sound that bravely combine the old with the new, the earthly with the spiritual.

Sprinkle Blizzard will perform on Festivalʼs stage as a quartet:

  • Angelika Hudler (Austria) – fiddle
  • Olena Yeremenko (Ukraine) – nyckelharpa
  • Jan Gałczewski (Poland) – Irish bouzouki
  • Jakub ‘Goldfinchʼ Szczygieł (Poland) – Irish flute, whistles

Strings of the mandola and voice able to move the heavens. This is a sentimental concert for us, as our whole journey into organising balfolk began with a quick chat with Stefano on Prague Balfolk Weekend 5 years ago. Few months later he played on our ball in Warsaw. Voice, mandola and looper, let’s dance it one more time… one more time… one more time…

The trio WoWaKin was founded in 2016.
The three musicians (Paula Kinaszewska, Bartlomiej Wozniak and Mateusz Wachowiak) bring together their varied backgrounds in classical, jazz and contemporary music to explore the roots of Polish village dance music. They energetically raise the spirit of a traditional village celebration, drawing a new generation of dancers into trance-like state through inventive, open-ended improvisation on a dynamic repertoire of mazurkas, oberkas, polkas, kuyaviaks, Polish-style tangos and songs/lullabies from the regions of Mazovia. Beside the violin, three-row Polish accordion and drums they use banjouke and harmonica.

The unique quality of WoWaKin work has been already recognized by music lovers ,i.a.: awards in prestigious Polish folk competitions (“New tradition”, “Folkowe Mikolajki”), official selection for Womex’17 show. WoWaKin has released their debut album ‘Kraj za miastem’ (“Beyond the Edge of the City”) in Sep’17.